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E2D aims to eliminate the digital divide in Davidson

Pat Millen ’86 took an issue brought to light by his daughter, worked to find a solution, and developed a blossoming initiative in the town of Davidson.
Millen teamed up with Davidson College’s Civic Engagement Center, the Ada Jenkins Foundation and other community members to conceive E2D, a nonprofit project aimed at eliminating the digital divide among the families of public school students in the area. The initiative got underway in January.

Millen’s daughter Franny was in the seventh grade last year and introduced the issue of the technological gap to her father after school one day last October.

“She came home one day and said, ‘We keep getting more and more assignments that seem to assume that you have a computer at home to work on it,’” Millen said. “‘I know for a fact that several people at my school don’t have computers. That doesn’t seem right to me; what are we going to do about it?’ I loved the fact that she was not just lamenting the problem.”


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